Top 5 Signs of Tire Wear

Top 5 Signs of Tire Wear

Top 5 Signs of Tire Wear - Gossett CDJR - Memphis, TN

Tire maintenance is a simple and necessary step in keeping your vehicle safe and efficient. You should inspect the tires on your ride regularly to look for signs of tire wear. Sometimes, these may even help you spot a larger issue with your vehicle.

Improper inflation

To get the best efficiency and handling from your tires, you need to keep them inflated as recommended. Under or over inflation will cause them to wear unevenly.

Low tread on the edges

Having your vehicle’s wheels aligned regularly will help extend the life of the tires. If they’re out of alignment, it can cause wear on the edges of the tires.

Erratic tire wear

When a wheel is out of balance, it can cause random wear in the tire’s tread. Visible erratic wear might also indicate an issue with suspension components.

Car pulling to one side

If you notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side while you’re driving steadily, it may be a problem with a tire. Check to see if there’s damage or under-inflation on one of the tires on the side towards which your car is pulling. If not, the pulling is likely related to wheel alignment or brakes.

Strange vibration while driving

Some issues with tires can cause a rough vibration or thumping while driving. Bring your vehicle to Gossett CDJR in Memphis, Tennessee, for a maintenance checkup to determine possible causes, such as tire balance.

If you’re ever concerned that your tires are not performing as they should, call the Gossett CDJR service department and schedule an inspection. We’ll make sure your tires are up to our high standard of quality.

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