How to Get Free when Your Car is Stuck in Mud

How to Get Free when Your Car is Stuck in Mud

Car Stuck In Mud - Gossett CDJR - Memphis, TN

Driving in the winter means encountering more slick, wet roads than you’ll likely see any other time of year. That means we all have a higher chance of sliding off the road and into a snowbank or a patch of mud. Whether your tires are stuck in mud, snow, sand, or something else, follow these tips to get yourself unstuck.

Be prepared

The easiest way to get out when your car is stuck in mud is to have the tools you need to dig yourself out on hand. Keep cat litter or road salt in your car to give your tires traction and even melt snow, as well as a shovel to dig space around the tires if needed.

Don’t gun the engine

It’s tempting to try to rev the engine to try to make your tires dig themselves out of this mess, but that will only make them sink in further. If spinning your tires doesn’t work after a few seconds, give up on it and try something else.

Use what you have

If you don’t have a shovel on hand, use whatever you have in your car to dig the tires out, like your window scraper or something from your toolkit if you keep one in the car. You can also gather sticks and rocks from the area to put around your tires for traction. If worse comes to worse, try placing one of your floor mats underneath the tire so that it has a surface to get some traction.

If you’re not stuck in the mud but rather stuck in a vehicle you’ve grown tired of, stop into Gossett CDJR. We’ve got the latest from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, and Ram, and we’ll be more than happy to help set you free.

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