Fun Road Trip Games to Play This Fall

Fun Road Trip Games to Play This Fall

With smart devices and in-vehicle infotainment all the rage, there may not seem like much need for playing games as a family during a road trip. However, if you can drag the kids away from their phones for a second and engage them in a fun activity, you’ll wind up having an even more memorable trip thanks to the added bonding.

Fun Road Trip Games

I spy

One of the original car games, I Spy involves giving your fellow passengers hints about some visible object that everyone can see. For example, you can say “I spy with my little eye something that’s white” in reference to a cloud, following it up with clues about fluffiness, shape, size, and so on. The person who guesses correctly gets to be the next spy.


Would you rather

 This game can turn a bit raunchy without some pre-set parameters, which is why Lauren Smith of Good Housekeeping recommends looking into themed versions of the game or drawing up questions of your own. You can play it however you want if you have friends your own age in the vehicle, but when the kids are around, you may want to limit it to something they’re interested in like sports or comic books.

There are a ton of different road trip games that you can play with your family on your next road trip. Or, if you prefer the peace and quiet, the infotainment and convenience technologies available in new vehicles here at Gossett CDJR should keep everyone occupied.

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