Common Dashboard Indicator Lights Meanings

Common Dashboard Indicator Lights Meanings

We’ve all been there: a dashboard indicator light come on and we have no idea what it means. To make sure you’re prepared when one comes on, here’s a brief guide to common dashboard indicator lights and what they mean.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

  • Lit up engine light — Check Engine 

    This light warns you that your vehicle has detected something wrong with the engine. You will want to get this looked at by a professional as soon as possible.


  • Lit up battery — Check Battery 

    You will not want to ignore this light, as it means that your battery is low, has failed, or that it’s having trouble charging. If you don’t address this issue, you may be left stranded somewhere unable to start your car.


  • Lit up tire with exclamation point — Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Alert 

    This light comes on when your TPMS detects low tire pressure. You will want to check your tire pressure and inflate them if they’re low, as low tire pressure decreases control and efficiency while driving.


  • Lit up odometer — Cruise Control Active 

    This light means that your cruise control is set and active. A yellow light indicates that the system is activated but not engaged, and a green light indicates that a speed has been set and the vehicle is traveling without your foot needing to be on the accelerator.

There are many, many more lights that you may notice on your dashboard during the life of your vehicle. To figure out what they mean, you can consult your owner’s manual or contact the experts at Gossett CDJR.

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