How to Get the Most from Your Car’s Air Conditioning

How to Get the Most from Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Some of the hottest days of summer are still to come here in Tennessee. This means that you want your vehicle’s air conditioning to be in prime working order. You also want to make sure you get the most from your car’s air conditioning in the most efficient manner possible way, which you can do with these handy tips.

get the most from your car’s air conditioning

  1. Don’t Pre-Cool:  While it might be tempting to turn on your car and let it cool down before you get it, it just wastes your fuel. Your A/C compressor works most effectively while you are driving. The best thing to do is to crank up the fan and open the rear windows for about 20 seconds while you drive.
  1. Use the Coldest Setting: By using the coldest air setting, your air conditioner will run more efficiently. When you turn up the temperature, it has to work harder to reheat the air, which burns more fuel.
  2. Get a New Filter: If your cabin air filter is dirty, you will not get the best airflow. Get a new filter to ensure your air conditioner is working effectively.
  3. Don’t Recirculate (with backseat passengers): While using the recirculation mode is best to cool the air down quickly, don’t use it if you have backseat passengers. It pulls the air from the front of the cabin back through the system so the air in the back can get hot and stale.

These are just some of the many steps you can take to optimize your vehicle’s A/C this summer. To get a check-up and make sure that it’s in the best working order possible, bring your ride into Gossett CDJR.

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