Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

Keep Your Car CleanKeeping your car clean inside and out can be a tough challenge, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep your car clean that only take a few minutes a day but can have a huge impact. By following these suggestions, you can keep your interior looking nice all year long and never again need to opt for a spring-cleaning overhaul.

Don’t Eat Inside

The first step to keeping any car clean is to avoid eating in it whenever possible. Fast food wrappers and food crumbs can become a major eyesore and even contribute to unusual odors. Perhaps even worse, spilling a drink could stain your carpets and seats or make surfaces sticky. By avoiding eating in the car, you avoid the requisite cleanup altogether.

Clean Up Quickly

If you have a hectic schedule and simply can’t avoid eating or drinking while on the road, it pays to clean up spills and messes as quickly as possible. The same goes for your errant wrappers, cans, and bottles—don’t leave them sitting on the floor or the passenger seat to be thrown out later.

Keep a Trash Bag

Food wrappers accumulating on the floor of your vehicle says a lot to your passengers about your general level of cleanliness. Fortunately, keeping your car clear of debris on the floor is as easy as keeping a trash bag in the passenger side. If you throw your trash into the bag and remove that bag weekly, there won’t be any trash to clean off the floor.

These are just some of the steps you can take to ensure that your vehicle stays cleaner on a regular basis. If you’re in need for a post-winter detailing, bring your ride into Gossett CDJR and we’ll get you back to square one.

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