Former Dodge Viper Plant to House Historic Car Collection

Former Dodge Viper Plant to House Historic Car Collection

Dodge Viper PlantThe Dodge Viper supercar has been off the market for over a year now, but the old production facility won’t be gathering dust for much longer. The former Dodge Viper plant will soon become home to part of Fiat Chrysler’s historic car collection. While the collection may not be open to the public initially, that could change in the future.

Located near Eight Mile Road, the former Detroit facility will soon house 85 historic vehicles from the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. Soon to be renamed the Conner Center, the historic cars will take up 77,000 square feet of floor space. In total, Fiat Chrysler has more than 400 vehicles in its historic car collection.

One of the standout vehicles to be housed at the Conner Center is a 1963 Chrysler Turbine. It’s just one of nine examples left of the 55 ever produced. The former Dodge Viper plant will also house 10 Vipers, including a 1989 Viper Concept and the last Viper to roll off the production line.

“We are proud of our history and have been working diligently in the daily care and restoration of these important vehicles. This move will allow us to house all of our collection under one roof and have the space to share that history with our employees,” said Brandt Rosenbusch, Historical Services Manager, FCA.

Here’s hoping that FCA will open the doors of the Conner Center to the public sooner rather than later. In the meantime, if you want to see the best of what Chrysler, Jeep®­, Dodge, and Ram have to offer, stop by Gossett CDJR and take a gander at our showroom.

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