Jeep® Scrambler Pickup Truck To Get Optional Soft Top

Jeep® Scrambler Pickup Truck To Get Optional Soft Top

It’s a story that has been years in the making; Jeep® enthusiasts have been passing around rumors of a Jeep® pickup for ages. However, in the past year or so, those rumors have solidified into something more concrete, and now, the Scrambler pickup truck is almost here.

Scrambler pickup truck

Based on the iconic Jeep® Wrangler, the Jeep® Scrambler has just as much off-road prowess and capability as its sibling but with the addition of a truck bed.

Jeep® announced recently, however, that they’ll be bringing another part of the Wrangler’s design to the Scrambler and incorporating it – a soft top. The addition of an available soft top will be a segment exclusive among pickup trucks, transforming the Jeep® Scrambler into a sort of convertible truck with a top that can be lowered or removed.

The pickup truck will be going into production a year from now in November of 2018 as a 2019 model year.

If you want to get a peek at the upcoming Scrambler pickup truck, however, you’re in luck. It’s set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, so keep a look out for more information. And when it launches, make sure you come to us here at Gossett CDJR FIAT.

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