Tips for Cooking the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Tips for Cooking the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Let’s face it: nothing ruins a thanksgiving celebration quite like a dry, unevenly-cooked turkey. This year, avoid disappointment by following these tips from Gossett CDJR Fiat for a perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

perfect thanksgiving turkeyPick the right turkey for you

Before anything else, you need to decide on the right turkey for your Thanksgiving celebration. Heritage turkeys are typically leaner yet more flavorful, while organic turkeys are raised according to certain standards. Additionally, you’ll choose between fresh and frozen. Remember, though, fresh doesn’t always mean better, as frozen turkeys are flash frozen right after butchering.

Cook on a rack of veggies

Creating a rack of vegetables on which to cook your turkey results in a more even overall cook and adds a great flavor to the gravy surrounding the bird. In addition, this natural rack lifts the turkey up and increases air circulation so the skin gets crispy all over.


Brining takes a little time, but it’s very easy and all but guarantees a turkey that is moist and delicious. Brines usually include water, salt, and a mix of spices, so find a recipe beforehand and prepare to be blown away by the difference it makes.

Don’t leave your Thanksgiving meal up to luck. Follow these simple tips for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey and get ready to impress your guests this year.

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