Back to School Driving Tips

Back to School Driving Tips

The new school season is finally here, which means students of all ages will be out early in the morning and afternoon. That means you’d better be prepared for what the road holds in store for you. Check out these back to school driving tips from us here at Gossett CDJR Fiat of Memphis.Back to School Driving Tips - Obey Crossing Guards

Slow Down

The most important step to avoiding an accident with another car or student is to slow down and keep an eye on your speed. Slowing down gives you more time to react should you need to brake suddenly. Keep in mind there may be new student drivers on the road who don’t have as much experience behind the wheel as you. Many newer vehicles also come with safety technologies designed to help prevent collisions as a last resort.

Watch for Bikes

Some students choose to bike to school for a variety of reasons. Keep an eye out for cyclists on your way to work and try to leave some extra space between your car and the sidewalk, just in case one falls.

Obey Crossing Guards

When it comes to helping students cross the street, a crossing guard’s word is law. If they tell you to stop, do so. Attempting to go around them because you’re in a hurry could result in injuries and legal trouble.

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