How to Survive a Thanksgiving Road Trip

How to Survive a Thanksgiving Road Trip

Happy Thanksgiving
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Nearly half of all Americans travel at least 50 miles to attend a Thanksgiving gathering. If you’ll be hitting the road for a Thanksgiving road trip, here are a few tips to make it less stressful and hectic.

  • Plan your travel time wisely. The long Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest travel times of the year, meaning more cars on the road. Plan to leave early in the morning so there is less traffic and so you can avoid drowsy drivers in the evening.
  • Secure all cargo. Anything that isn’t properly secured in your car can become a projectile if you’re in an accident. Make sure all bags, food items, and other cargo is in the trunk and secured properly.
  • Plan some in-car entertainment. If you’re travelling with kids, bring some activities to keep them entertained on the long drive, and they don’t all have to be electronic. Make sure the activities they choose aren’t too distracting for the driver.
  • Don’t eat and drive. If nothing else, at least don’t stuff yourself with turkey and then drive. Turkey has high levels of sleep-inducing Tryptophan and the other carb-heavy Thanksgiving dishes won’t help either. Don’t hop in the car right after finishing your feast.

Are you planning on a road trip for Thanksgiving this year?

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