Spotlight on 4 Unique Presidential Vehicles

Spotlight on 4 Unique Presidential Vehicles

President's DayEvery year in February, our country celebrates the lives of our country’s leaders during Presidents Day. The job of the Commander-in-Chief is not easy. Fortunately, many of our country’s presidents had some special vehicles at their disposal to help get them from one place to another. In honor of Presidents Day, here are four unique Presidential vehicles from history.

  1. President Taft’s 1908 Baker Electric

Long before the introduction of today’s electric vehicles, another one was making waves in the White House. President Taft’s car could actually run pretty far on one charge.

  1. President Johnson’s Amphicar

A little known fact about LBJ is that he loved to play pranks. The perfect vehicle to do so in was his Amphicar, which could run on land and on the water!

  1. President Reagan’s Subaru BRAT

The Great Communicator thought that this Japanese vehicle was pretty cool. He wanted one so badly that he actually acquired one in secret!

  1. President Obama’s The Beast

Presidential limos have come pretty far since they were first introduced. Obama’s limo, dubbed the Beast, includes 5-inch thick bulletproof glass to protect the President.

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