Choosing a Car Color: What Does It Say About You?

Choosing a Car Color: What Does It Say About You?

The color of your car is one of the most important features for some car shoppers. While Fiat-Chrysler models come with a massive selection when it comes to paint, we’ve put together a post about what your car color says about you.

According to Business Tuts, color psychology is a serious area in marketing and other creative professions. By carefully playing with hues, you can instill certain attitudes around you, as well as within yourself. Below are some basic colors and what they may mean:

  • 2015 Dodge Challenger
    2015 Dodge Challenger

    Red – aggressive color that evokes strength and power. It’s designed to draw attention.

  • Pink – tranquil and warm color, made to calm aggression.
  • Yellow – happiness, laughter, and optimism. A truly cheery color.
  • Orange –evokes boldness and ambition for those who like to stand out and party
  • Purple – regal or luxurious, especially in the darker shades.
  • Blue – calming, restful, and even intelligent. Often instills trust.
  • Green – money or nature, depending on the hue. Usually calming in darker shades.
  • Black – power, authority, and sophistication. Most luxury models come in black.
  • Gray – neutral, but also refined.

While choosing a car color might say something about you, you should also keep in mind that these colors don’t apply to everyone. Sometimes, people just like a certain color. Stop by Gossett Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat to see our selection of colors (and cars).

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