Intel Smart Clip Reminds You Not to Leave the Baby in the Car

Intel Smart Clip Reminds You Not to Leave the Baby in the Car

baby in a car seatDespite the best intentions of parents, 38 children die on average every year because their caretakers forgot them in the car. It’s a sad statistic for a completely preventable situation, which is why Intel has come up with a solution that, if used properly, would eliminate these tragic deaths all together.

The Intel Smart Clip is a device that simply replaces the current chest clip in your child’s car seat, and measures the conditions in the car. The device functions via an app on your smartphone, displaying a green checkmark when the harness is unbuckled, and a red “X” when it’s not. When conditions are dangerous in the car and your child’s car seat harness is fastened, or when your phone leaves the range of the seat clip, the clip sends a notification to your phone. When you leave the car, and the buckle remains fastened, an alarm will sound on your phone.

“The alert will continue to go off, even if we acknowledge it, it will continue to go off every 20 seconds until we’re actually back in range of the car seat clip and we’ve actually unclipped it,” said Marcie Miller, a business development professional with Intel who demonstrated the product to USA Today.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s not completely unrealistic that people can forget their children in the backseat, making a device like this potentially life-saving.

“One of the really interesting things that I found when I was starting to do research was that all the case studies or stories about accidentally leaving children in cars are not limited to any socioeconomic or education level,” Miller said. “It can happen to anyone, doctors, lawyers, professors, stay at home parents, retirees, grandparents – really anyone.”

While the clip is currently just a prototype, we at Gossett Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat hope to see a production version available soon.

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